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We're an early-stage venture capital fund investing in startups that invent technology to maximize humanity's creative potential. As society shifts from a paradigm of consumption to a paradigm of creation, Silicon Valley remains stubbornly focused on the commodification of content. By contrast, we see a historic moment for value creation in human-centered creativity platforms.

Investment Areas

Our investment thesis is focused on customers, markets, and use cases. Within that niche, however, we are able to invest across a wide range of industries and regions. Portfolio companies fall into three broad categories:

Core Innovation in Frontier Tech — technology that makes wholly new forms of creative expression possible or radically lowers barriers of access to existing systems.

Tools and Platforms — products that expand opportunities for creativity, with a particular emphasis on casual creatives and indie artists.

Networks and Marketplaces — platforms that connect creatives throughout the developing world to global customers and markets.



We envision a world in which technology unlocks and unleashes humanity's creative potential. That begins by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the creative economy – every voice a chance to be heard, every story a chance to be told. Directing capital and other resources to historically marginalized voices can help level the playing field for the ultimate benefit of all.

There are also strategic benefits to investing actively where other investors have blind spots. That includes engaging intentionally with founders from backgrounds that have historically been woefully underrepresented among venture-backed companies. 

Among our first round of portfolio investments, 62.5% of companies were founded by women and/or people of color.

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